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Critical Thinking versus Critical Theory

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 11
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One of the most common words we run into today thanks to the incredible spread of Woke Marxism is "critical." This is because Woke Marxism comes out of the Critical Theory tradition, which is the tool of a mid-20th century Marxist project called "Critical Marxism." We run into this term especially often in education, where the Woke Marxist objective is to use the pun on "critical" that exists between "critical thinking" and "Critical Theory" to advance their agenda under a positive-sounding cover. Luckily, they explain themselves plainly too. In this quick New Discourses Bullets summary, James Lindsay goes through an explicit admission by education activist Alison Bailey on the differences between the critical thinking and the Critical Theory (and Critical Pedagogy) approaches. Join him and stop getting fooled!

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